Testimonials of the Pacefeeder Hay Feeding System


John Mills, Haslemere, Surrey

“I have had my ISH for 6 years. I have tried various methods of feeding him haylage from nets to corner plastic mangers, but all of the time he’s managed to spread his haylage around the stable making a thorough mess by mixing it in with the shavings.
I saw the Pacefeeder advertised in the Horse and Hound and thought the idea seemed simple but good. Having seen the Pacefeeder in use in the videos on their web site I ordered one.
This product is brilliant. I am now saving money on haylage and bedding and mucking out is much quicker as the haylage stays put in the Pacefeeder. I would thoroughly recommend the Pacefeeder as its the best way I have found of feeding haulage.”

Ann Clarke, ‘Skander Palomino & Arabian Stud, Co. Kildare

“One of my horses has Cushings disease and is prone to laminitis and as a result she cannot go out on grass.  Having the pacefeeders means that if I’m away on business I can be assured she and her companion will have enough hay to see them through until I get home.  Both horses learnt very quickly how to use the feeders and they have also slowed down the pace at which they eat.  The pacefeeders have been a brilliant addition to our management routine.”

The following is from the lady who is using them to feed her Donkeys  (16)

Donkeys 225x300 Testimonials of the Pacefeeder Hay Feeding System“Little or no wastage at all not even straw which they really do not like! Really pleased with our pacefeeders.”



Ms Fields Wicker-Miurin

“I was looking for a way to help my horses ( Max, a big Registered Irish Draft and Claudio, a 16.3 Dutch warmblood dressage horse) feed in a more natural and healthy way. I wanted them to reach down to eat their hay, to avoid the terrible strain on their necks from snatching hay from a hanging net. I also wanted something that wasn’t messy, so I would not have to clean up hay strewn across their bedding. And, as my Dutch warmblood is a bit allergic to hay-dust, I wanted something that I could clean easily. And for my laminitic-prone Irish Draft, I wanted to slow his in-take. Pacefeeder meets all my requirements. Both horses got used to the blue Pacefeeder box immediately, and happily munch away, on their allotted doses of hay. Even better, the people at Pacefeeder have been great when I needed a bit of extra service. Whereas the big Irish Draft had no problems getting the hay out of the original 60mm holes (nothing would stand in the way between his stomach and hay), my finer-nosed warmblood found the holes a bit too much of a challenge. When I explained the situation, Pacefeeder sent me a new grid with larger holes right away and now Claudio is happy, 20150508 125729 300x225 Testimonials of the Pacefeeder Hay Feeding Systemtoo (see the photos). Thank you, Pacefeeder! I cannot recommend you highly enough.”

Thanks again – I am a big fan of your Pacefeeders!”

Fields, Claudio and Max


Army Equitation School

“On completion of a successful trial in the stables located in McKee Barracks, Dublin, over a period of weeks the Army Equitation School is very happy to endorse this Irish made product to prospective future users.

We have found that horses are less likely to suffer from ulcers and other gastric disorders by the constant source of hay in the correct application and use of “Pacefeeder”.
It also helps in the reduction of waste from trampling and soiling of hay and encourages the natural position of the head during feeding. It greatly controls consumption of hay/forage as claimed.

It is a very robust piece of equipment and suitable for use in all types of stabling.”

Shot 15 300x199 Testimonials of the Pacefeeder Hay Feeding System


Barbara Delahoyde, Marlton Stud, Wicklow.

“We are delighted with the Pacefeeders and have fitted out the full yard with them as a result. They do everything we wanted them to do. Hay consumption is down between 25 % and 30 % which is amazing for a busy yard. There is a calm in the yard with even our most hungry horses having a lie on in the morning instead of waiting anxiously for food. The Pacefeeders mimic natural grazing at a controlled pace which has a calming effect on the horses. Well done to all at Pacefeeder. Keep up the good work. “


Alison Bishop, Kilmullen Farm, Co. Wicklow 

“I have had my Pacefeeder since Christmas 2013 and the difference it has made is worthy of sharing with anyone who cares for the welfare of horses. I could write a book but for brev;ty here are the highlights.

Horse is totally calm. lt pacifies the horse and prevents gorging. I noticed 25% to 30% less hay used ( one week of hay saved per month) I feel happy knowing that my horse has a constant source of forage all night. My mare has less hay belly and mucking out droppings seem easier, not sure why. Best find for my horse ever…”


Amanda, Co Wicklow

“Since we put in the pacefeeders we have noticed a number of improvements; the ponies are keeping  their condition –they are more receptive to being tacked up and  they look great !  It also means that there is less hay wastage and I have great peace of mind knowing that they are able to graze for the most part of the evening.”


Kate, Enniskerry.

“When I read up about the consequences of stabled horses and how this can contribute to ulcers and a number of stereotypical behaviours, I was determined to find some way to prevent this continuing.  When I learnt about the pacefeeders,  I was delighted !”

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