Pacefeeder: The natural and healthy way to feed horses!

 Pacefeeder: The natural and healthy way to feed horses!
Horse pulling hay from the Pacefeeder®

The Pacefeeder is a natural hay feeder that can be used in both an indoor stable and outdoors. It allows horses and other equines to have access to their hay over an extended period of time, mimicking their natural grazing behaviour.

Traditional methods of giving a horse two-to-three feeds a day does not take into consideration the digestive system or the natural behaviour of the horse. Scientific studies have shown that feeding in this manner increases the risk of stomach ulcers and other veterinary problems like colic, as well as behavioural problems.

Benefits of the Pacefeeder for horses

Benefits of using the Pacefeeder for owners

  • Works WITH the horses natural digestive system and behaviours.
  • Horses are less lightly to suffer from ‘ulcers’ and other gastric disorders. 
  • The natural position of the head and body when feeding leads to less physical problems.
  • Reduces anxiety/stress levels in your horse.
  • No ingestion of dirt, sand, and parasites from the ground. 
  • Reduces bad stall habits and behaviours.
  • Reduces feed costs.
  • Reduces waste from trampling and the soiling of hay.
  • Saves you hours of labour on feeding times and cleanup.
  • Contributes towards reducing vet bills.
  • Gives you a more flexible schedule.

Ann Clarke ‘Skander Palomino & Arabian Stud’ Co. Kildare

“One of my horses has Cushing’s disease and is prone to laminitis and, as a result, she cannot go out on grass. Having the pacefeeders means that if I’m away on business I can be assured she and her companion will have enough hay to see them through until I get home. Both horses learned very quickly how to use the feeders and they have also slowed down the pace at which they eat. The pacefeeders have been a brilliant addition to our management routine.”