The Natural and Healthy Slow Hay Feeder for Horses

Slow hay feeders The Natural and Healthy Slow Hay Feeder for Horses

The Pacefeeder is a natural slow hay feeder designed for indoor stables and outdoor spaces. It allows horses and other equines to access hay over an extended period of time, thus mimicking natural grazing behaviour

Traditional methods of two-to-three feeds a day does not take into consideration the digestive system or the natural behaviour of the horse. Scientific research proves that this method of feeding decreases the risk of stomach ulcers and other veterinary problems like colic, as well as behavioural problems.

Benefits of the Pacefeeder

horse icon 1 The Natural and Healthy Slow Hay Feeder for Horses

Improves Horse Welfare

Works with the horses natural digestive system and behaviours. The natural position of the head and body when feeding leads to less physical problems.

horse icon 2 The Natural and Healthy Slow Hay Feeder for Horses

Improves Horse Behaviour

Reduces anxiety/stress levels in your horse. Improves stall habits and overall behaviour.

horse icon 3 The Natural and Healthy Slow Hay Feeder for Horses

Save Time and Reduce Costs

Reduces feed costs. Reduces waste from trampling and the soiling of hay. Saves hours of labour on feeding times and cleanup.

 The Natural and Healthy Slow Hay Feeder for Horses

Very happy with the result

It is going well with the Pacefeeder. My horse only took about a day or two to get used to it. It can be a bit hard when the hay is very long and stiff, but with the softer haylage it works fine. He spends several more hours eating every day and is eating less straw. So I am very happy with the result.

Freja C - Denmark

 The Natural and Healthy Slow Hay Feeder for Horses

Very satisfied with my purchase

I was surprised that the delivery was so quickly, I immediately put the Pacefeeder in the stable, secured it at the stable walls with big bolts, and filled it with hay.  When I brought my mare in she started eating right away.  She immediately got the hang of it  😊. Since then I have had no hay spilling anymore, which was exactly the purpose I bought it for, so I am very satisfied with my purchase.

Juliette - Belgium

Wow! Cannot rate these highly enough.

What can I say? Love the design – they fit nicely and easily into the corner of the stable / field shelter. They are secured to the wall by a screw on each side and the screws don’t work loose over time. I love the fact that the horses are eating in a more natural way (head down). There is zero waste, no hay in their beds, no chance of them accidentally ingesting anything else whilst eating hay off the stable floor. No damage whatsoever to any of the feeders even by the one horse that has destroyed everything else I’ve ever tried…

The fact that you never see these for sale second hand is testament to how great they are. I certainly won’t be selling any of mine. Fantastic service from a company that care about their product and really want to know how you are getting on with them. Definitely worth the investment.

Jo Cook

Far superior to any other products I’ve tried

This is a great product which I use in the stables and now also outside. They are frost proof and allow any excess rainwater to drain down to the bottom section instead of soaking the hay. They have paid for themselves with the amount of hay they have saved. I like the natural head position and how easily all my horses adapted to them. I absolutely love them and highly recommend as they are quick and easy to use and far superior to any other products I’ve tried.

Tormitchell farms

Girvan, UK

Brilliant Addition!

One of my horses has Cushing’s disease and is prone to laminitis and, as a result, she cannot go out on grass. Having the Pacefeeders means that if I’m away on business I can be assured she and her companion will have enough hay to see them through until I get home. Both horses learned very quickly how to use the feeders and they have also slowed down the pace at which they eat. The Pacefeeders have been a brilliant addition to our management routine.

Ann Clarke

Co. Kildare, Ireland