Standard Pacefeeder

  • Product Description: This slow hay feeder, is designed to fit in the corner of a stable or paddock. Its robust and easily secured to the walls, its broad footprint adds stability, it can also be attached to ‘post & rail’ or freestanding posts. Supplied with a sub floor and regular plastic grid.
  • Height 660mm (26”) Width 930mm (37”) Depth 660mm (26”)
  • Additional Information: The Pacefeeder Standard Corner Model is available grey

Rectangular Pacefeeder

This model uses a ‘net grid’ ideal for hay or haylege (dry, soaked or steamed)

The braided knotless net is available in 45 mm or 60 mm hole size.  Grid control same as triangular model. Size 88 cm (L) x 21 cm (W) x 70 cm (H) Capacity approx 9 Kg of dry hay.


“Unless your horse has used a ‘small hole’ net before we recommend horses start with the 60 mm net, to avoid possible frustration. You can choose either size.”