How much does the Pacefeeder cost?

The standard corner model costs €320 while the tall corner model costs €345.

How does it work?

The Pacefeeder is placed on the ground and secured to the wall, box or fencing and only allows the horse to pull a small amount of hay through the self-adjusting grid while eliminating hay wastage.

Click here to watch a video demonstrating the process.

What is the Pacefeeder made of?

The Pacefeeder slow hay feeder system is made of molded, high-quality recyclable polyethylene which is very hard wearing and easy to clean. It’s tough, durable and UV stabilised and has no sharp edges. It is also very lightweight for moving between stables, outdoors and a horse’s box.

Does the Pacefeeder come in different sizes?

We have two different sizes available: a standard corner model and a tall corner model in grey.

Standard Corner Model – Height 660mm (26”) – Width 930mm (37”) – Depth
660mm (26”). It holds approx 7kg of hay.

Tall Corner Model – Height 780mm (30”) – Width 930mm (37”) – Depth
660mm (26”). It holds approx 9kg of hay.

Rectangular slow hay feeder

Pacefeeder, alongside the traditional triangular slow hay feeder, has now introduced to the market a rectangular unit. It has all the features of the corner unit, such as the bung and sub-floor, but now the main focus is the net grid.

The options available are a 45mm / 60mm hole size. One size holds approximately 9kg of dry hay or 290L. It is ideal for hay / haylege and/or steamed hay.

It is 35” wide (or 88 cm), 21” width (or 54 cm) and 27” height (or 70 cm).

The cost of the rectangular Pacefeeder – supplied with a netgrid – is € 295.00 (€ 363.00 including Vat).

Can it be used outside?

The Pacefeeder has been designed to be used both in a stable and the outdoors. The hay sits on top of a subfloor so that it is not sitting in rainwater if used outside.

How is it secured?

The corner Pacefeeder model can be screwed directly to a wall or fence.

Hay or haylage?

Both can be used as well as long or short hay. Do not use compact hay, the hay should by loose and kept fairly level. When the desired amount has been filled, place the grid down on the surface and secure with the two ‘ball cords’. Next pull some hay up through the holes in the grid (about 60-70mm), this will start the ’tissue box’ effect, as the tangled hay is pulled up by the horse, more hay will be drawn up through the holes in the grid.

If the hay is not pulled up at the start, the horse will get frustrated trying to grasp the hay through the holes. Because the grid is rigid, it does not behave in the same as a hay net. We also recommend the horse is given a little time to habituate to the new way of feeding. 

Can it be drained?

Yes, the Pacefeeder has a removable floor – the bung – to facilitate the draining of any water.

How much is delivery?

For the standard Pacefeeder, delivery costs €25 to customers in Ireland, the UK or western Europe (tracker provided).

For the tall Pacefeeder, delivery costs €35 to customers in Ireland, the UK or western Europe (tracker provided).

*Please note, due to the uncertainty over Brexit, we have temporarily closed our store from mainland UK-based customers (Northern Ireland is not affected). Ordering and shipping will be possible as soon UK VAT-registration and the overall process of selling / shipping to the UK post-Brexit has been sorted out! Please bear with us until then.

You can of course contact us at info@pacefeeder.ie; or telephone +353 (0)86 254 4482 if you have any specific queries and we will endeavour to assist you.


The Pacefeeder comes with an additional option of purchasing a haynet, which can be placed on the unit as an alternative to the plastic grid. The cost of the haynet is €50, and can be ordered as an accessory in conjunction with any order of a standard or tall Pacefeeder. In order to avail of the haynet and Pacefeeder combination, please email: info@pacefeeder.ie.

Net grids

The net grids were originally made for a customer who used ‘chopped hay’. They are now also used by some customers who use steamed hay. The net is a ‘knitted knotless’ material, kinder to horses lips and teeth, 5mm in diameter and available in 35mm and 45mm hole size. The net is attached by hand to a metal frame, this frame uses the same mechanism as the plastic grid. If required the net grid can be used without the need to purchase the sub-floor and plastic grid.

What is the Corner Hay Manger?

There is the option to purchase the Pacefeeder without the grid, subfloor, and bung. It is the regular unit, both standard and tall, at a discounted price as it doesn’t have the extra fittings. However, hay can still sit in the Pacefeeder; and it can still be secured against the stall wall.

Standard Corner Model – Height 660mm (26”) – Width 930mm (37”) – Depth 660mm (26”). It holds approx 7kg of hay. It costs €175.

Tall Corner Model – Height 780mm (30”) – Width 930mm (37”) – Depth 660mm (26”). It holds approx 9kg of hay. €198.

The benefit to the base unit is that it allows the horse to eat freely, without the effort of pulling through the grid. It also helps prevent hay from spilling out on the stall floor, being trampled and dirtied, and contributes to stopping overall wastage.

1. Feed your horse hay / haylage (dry, chopped, steamed) at ground level.

2. Save feed costs by eliminating waste due to soiling and bedding / hay mixture.

3. Avoid ingestion of parasites and foreign matter from the ground.

4. Large, robust and durable with round edges – suitable for the stable or paddock.

5. Dry hay capacity 7kg (235L). Easy to secure and clean – 3/4” drain included.

What is ScratchnAll?

ScratchnAll is a durable scratcher pad used by animals large and small, providing safe relief from itching which can plague horses while they are in stalls. Each pad measures 6″ x 5″ x 1″ and is made with a type of elastomer.

How does ScratchnAll work?

The ScratchnAll animal scratcher pad is easy to install and has the ability to bend over corners and interlock. Because of its unique shape and features, you can create a pattern which best suits the animals’ enrichment needs. The pad’s 212 points can touch key acupressure areas and is the perfect self-grooming solution. Read more about the ScratchnAll pads here.

For more information on ScratchnAll in America, just click here.

How do the Superior ‘slow feed’ hay nets work?

The Superior ‘slow feed’ hay nets work by slowing down the intake of hay and thereby extending the period the horse has access to hay, mimics the horse’s natural grazing behaviour.  By maintaining digestive balance this helps to address issues such as ulcers and laminitis.

These large ‘slow feed’ hay nets are made of braided knotless poly netting. This very strong, soft-to-touch netting is available in two strand sizes: 4 mm & 5 mm. The hole sizes of 30 mm, 45 mm & 60 mm are standard.

Both the 30 mm & 40 mm nets are 75 cm wide x 1 meter long; the 60 mm hole net is 1 meter wide and 750 mm long. The wide opening facilitates easy filling.

Hay capacity is approx 5kg (dry hay).

Which size hay net to choose?

The hole size 30 mm is ideal for ponies and horses on a strict feeding regime. The 45 mm hole size will suit most horses and cobs. 60 mm hole nets are for large horses, including Shires.

Our Superior ‘slow feed’ hay nets are not the same or comparable to the regular nylon twine knotted nets. They are strong and soft on the horses mouth, suitable for stable, paddock or traveling.

How much do the hay nets cost?

30 mm hole net, 4 mm strand/cord = €37.00
45 mm hole net, 5 mm strand/cord = €40.00
60 mm hole net, 5 mm strand/cord = €35.00
Introductory offer: Free postage to Ireland and the UK. Multiple net discount is available.