How much does the Pacefeeder cost?

The standard corner model costs €312 while the tall corner model costs €323.

How does it work?

The Pacefeeder is placed on the ground and secured to the wall, box or fencing and only allows the horse to pull a small amount of hay through the self-adjusting grid while eliminating hay wastage.

Click here to watch a video demonstrating the process.

What is the Pacefeeder made of?

The Pacefeeder system is made of molded, high-quality recyclable polyethylene which is very hard wearing and easy to clean. It’s tough, durable and UV stabilised and has no sharp edges. It is also very lightweight for moving between stables, outdoors and a horse’s box.

Does the Pacefeeder come in different sizes?

We have two different shapes for sale; a corner model and a tall corner model and both are available in grey:

Standard Corner Model – Height 660mm (26”) – Width 930mm (37”) – Depth 660mm (26”). It holds approx 7kg of hay.

Tall Corner Model – Height 780mm (30”) – Width 930mm (37”) – Depth 660mm (26”). It holds approx 9kg of hay.

Can it be used outside?

The Pacefeeder has been designed to be used both in a stable and the outdoors. The hay sits on top of a subfloor so that it is not sitting in rainwater if used outside.

How is it secured?

The corner Pacefeeder model can be screwed directly to a wall or fence.

Hay or haylage?

Both can be used as well as long or short hay. Do not use compact hay, the hay should by loose and kept fairly level. When the desired amount has been filled, place the grid down on the surface and secure with the two ‘ball cords’. Next pull some hay up through the holes in the grid (about 60-70mm), this will start the ’tissue box’ effect, as the tangled hay is pulled up by the horse, more hay will be drawn up through the holes in the grid.

If the hay is not pulled up at the start, the horse will get frustrated trying to grasp the hay through the holes. Because the grid is rigid, it does not behave in the same as a hay net. We also recommend the horse is given a little time to habituate to the new way of feeding. 

Can it be drained?

Yes, the Pacefeeder has a removable floor – the bung – to facilitate the draining of any water.

How much is delivery?

For the standard Pacefeeder, delivery costs €25 to customers in Ireland, the UK or western Europe (tracker provided).

For the tall Pacefeeder, delivery costs €35 to customers in Ireland, the UK or western Europe (tracker provided).


The Pacefeeder comes with an additional option of purchasing a haynet, which can be placed on the unit as an alternative to the plastic grid. The cost of the haynet is €50, and can be ordered as an accessory in conjunction with any order of a standard or tall Pacefeeder. In order to avail of the haynet and Pacefeeder combination, please email: info@pacefeeder.ie.

Net grids

The net grids were originally made for a customer who used ‘chopped hay’. They are now also used by some customers who use steamed hay. The net is a ‘knitted knotless’ material, kinder to horses lips and teeth, 5mm in diameter and available in 35mm and 45mm hole size. The net is attached by hand to a metal frame, this frame uses the same mechanism as the plastic grid. If required the net grid can be used without the need to purchase the sub-floor and plastic grid.