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How is the Pacefeeder secured?

Secure or unsecured; how does one do it?

The Pacefeeder is a natural slow hay feeder that can be used in both an indoor stable and outdoors. It allows horses and other equines to have access to their hay over an extended period of time, mimicking their natural grazing behaviour.

Traditional methods of giving a horse two-to-three feeds a day does not take into consideration the digestive system or the natural behaviour of the horse. Scientific studies have shown that feeding in this manner increases the risk of stomach ulcers and other veterinary problems like colic, as well as behavioural problems.

So, how does it stay in place?

Ready in the recess

The Pacefeeder is secured to the wall on both sides by a screw which is out of harm’s way in a recess. It is also out of the way of the horse’s teeth, which ensures no grinding against metal.

If you want to use additional screws, the plastic is easily drilled.

Does it need to be secured?

The Pacefeeder slow hay feeder is designed to be freestanding also, should you wish to place it in a yard outside, or keep it in the corner of the stall but with easy maneuverability, should you wish to alter the location.

Want to know more?

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