How the slow hay feeder benefits equines

The Pacefeeder is designed to allow the horse to search, tear, chew and eat hay in a naturally continuous and slow manner in their correct body posture, ensuring the horse is getting the right amount of hay over a longer period of time.

How the Pacefeeder works

By using the slow hay feeder, not only does the hay last longer but, more importantly, the horse takes smaller mouthfuls, each of which is chewn for longer – when the pH is in balance in their stomach, the horse will stop eating.

If your horse is overweight, slow feeding using the Pacefeeder will help to regulate metabolism and insulin spikes. If your horse is underweight, the Pacefeeder can help increase digestion and absorption of calories and nutrients. Small amounts of food also reduce swollen hay stomachs.

The Pacefeeder allows for a natural head down grazing posture. This posture pulls the top line into alignment and the hind legs into the correct weight-bearing position relieving the neck, back and hock stress. It also encourages natural movement of the head and body as the horse searches, tears, chews and swallows food from the Pacefeeder.

Each small amount of hay is torn off through the Pacefeeder grid using the incisors in a natural head down posture. While eating from the Pacefeeder, the mandible is correctly allowed to slide down and forward relaxing the TMJ muscles and allowing for proper teeth contact.

Hay is pulled directly into the mouth through the holes in the Pacefeeder’s self-adjusting grid and torn off. The dust, sand, pollens, and mold are shaken loose and work their way to the bottom of the slow hay feeder subfloor. All this collects in the subfloor, out of the horse’s reach and can be emptied and thrown out later. 

By using the slow hay feeder it helps to keep them occupied and helps to eliminate boredom.

Key points:

  • Works WITH the horses natural digestive system and behaviours;
  • Horses are less lightly to suffer from ‘ulcers’ and other gastric disorders;
  • Reduces anxiety/stress levels in your horse;
  • Reduces bad stall habits and behaviours;
  • The natural position of the head and body when feeding leads to less physical problems;
  • No ingestion of dirt, sand, and parasites from the ground.

Want to know more?

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