Introducing: The rectangular slow hay feeder

The Pacefeeder is a natural slow hay feeder designed for indoor stables and outdoor spaces. It allows horses and other equines to access hay over an extended period of time, thus mimicking natural grazing behaviour.

Traditional methods of two-to-three feeds a day does not take into consideration the digestive system or the natural behaviour of the horse. Scientific research proves that this method of feeding increases the risk of stomach ulcers and other veterinary problems like colic, as well as behavioural problems.

Pacefeeder, alongside the traditional triangular slow hay feeder, has now introduced to the market a rectangular unit. It has all the features of the corner unit, such as the bung and sub- floor, but now the main focus is the net grid.

The options available are a 45mm / 60mm hole size. One size holds approximately 9kg of dry hay or 290L. It is ideal for hay / haylege and/or steamed hay.

It is 35” wide (or 88 cm), 21” width (or 54 cm) and 27” height (or 70 cm).

The cost of the rectangular Pacefeeder – supplied with a netgrid – is € 295.00 (€ 363.00 including Vat).

To purchase the rectangular slow hay feeder, just click here.

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