How the slow hay feeder benefits owners

Keep you happy with cost savings; and your horse content.

How does the Pacefeeder work?

The Pacefeeder is designed to allow the horse to search, tear, chew and eat hay in a naturally continuous and slow manner in their correct body posture, ensuring the horse is getting the right amount of hay over a longer period of time.

How does it benefit owners?

By using the slow hay feeder, not only does the hay last longer but, more importantly, the horse takes smaller mouthfuls, each of which is chewn for longer – when the pH is in balance in their stomach, the horse will stop eating.

The Pacefeeder grid prevents the hay from blowing away – automatically reducing hay that is normally lost to the elements. As well as this, the horse cannot pull large amounts of hay out – which prevents clumps from falling on the ground and being trampled. 

The less hay that is being wasted, the less that needs to be replaced and, therefore, over time, the less amount of money you will spend replacing hay.

If the horse is kept healthy and happy, through a proper feeding regime, the less you will need to spend with a veterinary practitioner and, thus, less veterinary bills!

Key points:

  • Reduces feed costs;
  • Reduces waste from trampling and the soiling of hay;
  • Saves you hours of labour on feeding times and cleanup;
  • Contributes towards reducing vet bills;
  • Gives you a more flexible schedule.

More information

If you’d like more information on the Pacefeeder, or would like to talk to someone about the features, please email: