Superior ‘slow feed’ hay net: Slow-graze your horse in a healthy way

Keep your horse grazing long, aiding in digestion, stimulating a healthy eating habit

In 2020, Pacefeeder introduced the Superior ‘slow feed’ hay nets as a cheaper alternative to the Pacefeeder, while still mimicking the horses natural grazing patterns.

Many veterinarians and nutritionists recommend the practice of ‘slow’ feeding hay to equines. Slowing down the intake of hay and thereby extending the period the horse has access to hay, mimics the horses natural grazing behaviour. By maintaining digestive balance, this helps to address issues such as ulcers and laminitis.

With the introduction of our Superior ‘slow feed’ hay nets, owners can take an affordable first step on this path and also reduce boredom / stress for their horses, by keeping them occupied.

These large ‘slow feed’ hay nets are made of braided knotless poly netting. This very strong, soft-to-touch netting is available in two strand sizes: 4 mm & 5 mm. The hole sizes of 30 mm, 45 mm & 60 mm are standard.

Both the 30 mm and 40 mm nets are 75 cm wide x 1 meter long; the 60 mm hole net is 1 meter wide and 750 mm long. The wide opening facilitates easy filling.

Hay capacity is approx 5kg (dry hay).

Which size hay net to choose?

The hole size 30 mm is ideal for ponies and horses on a strict feeding regime. The 45 mm hole size will suit most horses and cobs. 60 mm hole nets are for large horses, including Shires.

Our Superior ‘slow feed’ hay nets are not the same or comparable to the regular nylon twine knotted nets. They are strong and soft on the horses mouth, suitable for stable, paddock or traveling.

How much do the hay nets cost?

30 mm hole net, 4 mm strand/cord = €37.00
45 mm hole net, 5 mm strand/cord = €40.00
60 mm hole net, 5 mm strand/cord = €35.00
Introductory offer: Free postage to Ireland and the UK. Multiple net discount is available.

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