Indoor and outdoor use: How best to utilise your Pacefeeder

Let your horse enjoy the good weather, while still eating in a healthy, natural way.

It’s May 21, 2020, and the sun has been out shining most days. At Pacefeeder, we recommend that our slow hay feeders can be used both indoors (during rainy times or the dead of winter) or outdoors, for those bright, sun-shiny days.

The horse can graze hay over time, allowing it to consume food in a way that suits the nature of a horse. It also prevents any hay wastage, blowing away or being trampled underfoot.

However, this doesn’t mean it has to take place indoors. Your horse enjoys the cool breeze and warm sun just like many of us do. Give them the opportunity to be outdoors, but grazing with the pacefeeder also.

They’ll be thanking you before you know it!

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