ScratchnAll: Safe relief from itching for your horse’s comfort

Give your horse the opportunity to eat healthy and stay comfortable, all in one place.

In 2020, Pacefeeder collaborated with ScratchnAll, an American-based company, to bring the ScratchnAll pads to the Irish market as a distributor. These pads provide not only horses but a variety of animals, large and small, with safe relief from itching which can be problematic in stalls and barnyards.

The ScratchnAll animal scratcher pad measures 6″ x 5″ x 1″ and is made with a type of elastomer. It is easy to install and has the ability to bend over corners and interlock. Because of its unique shape and features, you can create a pattern which best suits the animals’ enrichment needs. The pad’s 212 points can touch key acupressure areas and is the perfect self-grooming solution.

Because scratching and grooming is a self-enriching activity enjoyed by all animals, they will rub on any convenient surface or object. Ultimately, these surfaces, such as door jambs, furniture and posts, soon show wear and may even break or splinter; creating rough edges and sharp points that could puncture the skin or cause other serious injuries.

Therefore, ScratchnAll offers a safe and effective way of self-scratching so that the skin, face and especially the eyes are not harmed. Even though it’s very durable, the small nubs on the scratcher pad are flexible which is comfortable, satisfying and non-irritating to the animal, and it can touch many key acupressure points.

Not only this, but the horse’s mental welfare needs to be considered too. Those horses, which may be on stall rest, can get very depressed, anxious and particularly miss the other horses, and being groomed by those horses, which is important to them. This instead enables the horse to groom itself to a point simulating normal herd behaviour.

The ScratchnAll costs only €22.00 and they come in a variety of colours, including black, brown and green.

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