Pacefeeder testimonials

Minstrel – a 21 year old part-bred Arab (October 2019)

Having used haynets, including small-holed and specialised ones, all of which forced my horses into using an unnatural stance, making them over-use their neck and jaw muscles, I wanted to feed from a lower position but not waste haylage by having it loose, as well as needing to slow down how quickly the horses ate. 

Nothing currently available will completely mimic natural trickle grazing but the Pacefeeder comes very close. 

It is easy to use, hygienic, effective, keeps waste to a minimum and the plastic shield that slows down feeding helps to keep any dust or seeds out of the air. 

The flat fronted design suits my use of hook-on mangers to give soaked fibre feeds and supplements to my two veterans, and I am so pleased with them that I have now bought another one (a total of four) for the latest addition to the herd. 

My horses adapted very well to the feeders, without any of the frustration they showed with small hole haynets.  The Pacefeeder is also very easy to load and reduces the frustration I used to have with haynets, too!

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Tormitchell farms (January 2019)

This is a great product which I use in the stables and now also outside. They are frost proof and allow any excess rainwater to drain down to the bottom section instead of soaking the hay. They have paid for themselves with the amount of hay they have saved. I like the natural head position and how easily all my horses adapted to them. I absolutely love them and highly recommend as they are quick and easy to use and far superior to any other products I’ve tried.

Jo Cook (UK, January 2019)

Wow!  Cannot rate these highly enough. My other half was waxing lyrical about these for months but I couldn’t quite convince myself that they would stand the test of my ‘I can destroy anything you put in my stable’ warmbloods having purchased a number of other products previously.

What can I say? Love the design – they fit nicely and easily into the corner of the stable / field shelter. They are secured to the wall by a screw on each side and the screws don’t work loose over time. I love the fact that the horses are eating in a more natural way (head down). There is zero waste, no hay in their beds, no chance of them accidentally ingesting anything else whilst eating hay off the stable floor. No damage whatsoever to any of the feeders even by the one horse that has destroyed everything else I’ve ever tried…

The fact that you never see these for sale second hand is testament to how great they are.  I certainly won’t be selling any of mine.

Fantastic service from a company that care about their product and really want to know how you are getting on with them.

Definitely worth the investment.

Mme Pia Kobioth (Colmar, eastern France, December 2018)

”I am delighted with our new Pacefeeders, they are a great design that simply works. Our horses have taken to the Pacefeeders with ease and happiness.

Thank you for your assistance.”

*Customer purchased 18 tall corner Pacefeeders

Sophie Mok, MRCVS, Horse Owner and Veterinary Surgeon (May 2018)

“I have been really impressed with the Pacefeeder which promotes natural feeding – both in terms of trickle feeding and the position of the head whilst they are eating.

My pony is prone to weight gain and suffers from RAO. The Pacefeeder is superior to a haynet; promoting a natural feeding position by feeding at ground level. This allows normal drainage of respiratory secretions and the design of the Pacefeeder means that any dust drops to the bottom of the feeder.

The Pacefeeder is easy to use and there are different inserts to suit your horse and how quickly they eat. This keeps your horse occupied and ensures your horse is constantly eating and fibre is moving through their digestive tract.

Compared to this time last year, my pony is much slimmer and sounder. In addition, I waste less hay and spend less time tidying and mucking out the stable.”

Victor Villiger (Switzerland, May 2018)

We are happy with the Pacefeeder. They work perfectly. We fill the hay in in the morning and they eat during the day and night, so it is empty in the morning.

To compare the Pacefeeder with the automatic system as we had before is difficult, as one station costs about 8 x the Pacefeeder (due to construction and time steering).

One important point for me to decide on the Pacefeeder is the fact that the horses can eat in their normal head position (as when they are grazing). With most of the system the horses have to turn their head to grasp the hay (e.g. with hay net ect ect).

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John Mills, Haslemere (Surrey, UK)

“I have had my ISH for 6 years. I have tried various methods of feeding him haylage from nets to corner plastic mangers, but all of the time he’s managed to spread his haylage around the stable making a thorough mess by mixing it in with the shavings.
I saw the Pacefeeder advertised in the Horse and Hound and thought the idea seemed simple but good. Having seen the Pacefeeder in use in the videos on their website I ordered one.
This product is brilliant. I am now saving money on haylage and bedding and mucking out is much quicker as the haylage stays put in the Pacefeeder. I would thoroughly recommend the Pacefeeder as its the best way I have found of feeding haulage.”